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Crossing the Threshold

You are the one who witnesses the perfection of the rising sun. You know what to do when the light begins to fade and the birds fly in to roost. So why do you doubt it? Because of the past? Infiltration? The struggle to experience yourself as a joyful spark of light in physical form? This body may have been tampered with, but we are an infinite force of love, a pure reflection of the stars in a moonlit pool, and we know what to do. We know what to do when the rain begins to fall, or when a building caves in, or a baby is born; when pieces of the egg shell split and crack, and a chick pops out squawking, sticky. Oh, the excitement, the anticipation of this new life! So what is a gnawing to-do list full of boring jobs, or a painful memory that brings on sobs? In this infinite pool of translucent rainbow colour, where light amplifies light, bouncing off surfaces, surely it is just a tiny, unnoticeable dent in a brand new shining bright blue Jaguar car. Hop in! Let’s go on an adventure! No wait, are you the passenger or the car, or both? Or a spaceship that landed on an exquisite planet of texture, fire, dust, lush forest. You get to decide, so why hide in the garage when the open road calls? You are a beautiful story book, an infinite sun. Can you let go of the old and cross the threshold? No more standing on the diving board and staring at the water, clinging to the edge of the ice-skating rink. The wish to destroy pales into insignificance when faced with the beauty of your joy; your unique expression of the peak of your excitement which pokes out like a mountain top above the rolling mist for all to witness. No rehearsal needed; no past experience required for this job offer. No terms and conditions or small print, not even a contract to sign. Are you ready? You can leave anytime. Take my hand and let’s leap together.

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