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In 2014 film director Max Sobol and I started creating what we thought was going to be a dance film, fairly abstract in nature. As the project grew, a character developed called Lucy. Lucy seemed to encapsulate the questions we were respectively dealing with at the time and the film took on a narrative form, whilst retaining abstract expressions of dance and music, giving it a dreamlike quality in moments. On one hand Lucy is quite annoying. She questions everything, constantly feels like giving up, and blames others when things don’t go the way she wants. Sound familiar?! On the other hand, she is fierce and strong. She is determined not to put herself in a box or succumb to exterior pressure to be a certain way, even if that pressure creates a lot of friction inside her. I think she knows deep down that there is a freedom beyond everything she struggles with and she is on her way to remembering it.


Lucy lived inside a hard drive for some years before being ready to show herself to the world, for one reason or another. What a joy it is for myself and Max Sobol to finally release her.


A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to the making of this film, to Florence Dixon for her gentle encouragement and to my film partner in crime Max for being up for trying to make a narrative musical documentary about a girl who’s not sure what to do but does it anyway!

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